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How it works

Reco-LogoCloud acts as an intermediary between logistics companies, temporary employment agencies and employees throughout Germany. Logistics companies as well as
candidates are registered on the platform. The profiles created are included in a data pool. If a company is looking for workers, the platform produces suitable proposals from the candidate pool according to the enquiry profile. If a proposal is accepted, the corresponding candidate is notified and informed about the job. If the candidate confirms the job, administrative processes are automatically initiated.

Logistics Companies
  • Minimum time expenditure
  • Optimal utilisation of resources
  • Transparency through a simple evaluation tool
  • Time and money savings through the digitalisation of administrative processes
  • Automatic filtering process of licences, labour law templates and qualifications
Temp Work Agencies
  • Optimal utilisation of resources
  • Direct feedback through evaluation tool creates transparency
  • Improvement of the relationship with the respective company
  • More targeted use of high-quality workers
  • Digitalisation takes over the processes and enables more efficient and increased use of placed workers
  • Uncomplicated registration process
  • Find work within 24 hours
  • Be part of a talent pool
  • Set your own preferences and manage your profile as you wish
  • Job offers based on your preferences

Key Features



Our platform offers you the opportunity to find the perfect candidate from pre-filtered applicants.



RECO-LogoCloud enables uncomplicated and fast optimisation of resource planning. With the centralisation of supply and demand and a supported ‘job’ or ‘worker’ search, employers and jobseekers can be matched within a very short time.



We use technology to dramatically improve and simplify the job placement process for businesses and workers. Hire temporary and temp workers without the compromise in quality or high costs of traditional agencies.


The assessment of worker and company profiles creates transparency, which should guarantee a high level of performance on the part of both companies and workers. This tool enables all parties to influence the quality and consistency of labour relations.


Through the centralisation of supply and demand and an assisted ‘job’ or ‘worker’ search, employers and jobseekers can be matched within a very short time. This leads to maximum and optimal utilisation of resources with minimum time expenditure.


Through rigorous screening of applicants, we ensure that all candidates have the necessary qualifications. We check licences, labour law requirements, qualifications and experience for you.


The high degree of digitalisation allows for an unprecedented acceleration of job creation, which can be measured by variables such as ‘time-to-hire’.

The additional functionality of the platform, which focuses on quality and sustainability, adds a new dimension to job placement. It is not just about a quick demand solution, but a more sustainable approach in the long term that can save logistics companies a lot of time and money.

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